Friday, September 2, 2011

Adventures Large and Less-Large

When Jon proposed, the engraving inside the ring he gave me suggested, "Let's have an adventure." So we're big on Adventures, the two of us. Not skydiving, cliff-jumping, dare devil type adventures, necessarily, though some have qualified as such, I suppose. But push your boundaries, step outside your comfort zone, try everything in case it's the best thing ever and how could you have lived with yourself for missing out, do it only with you by my side kind of adventures.

We hope you'll enjoy reading a few of them. We'll do our best to entertain :)


  1. Aaaand, I have no idea how to make the photos upright. Learning curve, yay.

  2. Apparently the auto-rotate setting on some cameras causes this problem. Disabling it and then manually rotating the photos once they're on the computer works better.