Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Compleat International District

I realized recently that even though I work in the International District of Seattle, a neighborhood packed with food options, I've been eating at the same handful of places over and over. To combat this I'm starting a block-by-block sampling of the area. My intention is to visit every food establishment within the arbitrary boundaries I've chosen for the I.D., those boundaries mainly being defined by how far I want to walk for lunch.

First stop is the far south-east corner of the I.D., at Happy Times Bistro. I had the Fried Spaghetti with BBQ Pork, the first time I've tried the dish. It was tasty, and I'm glad I skipped the more standard stuff on the menu to try it. The establishment itself is basic, but clean and new. I'm far enough from the bus tunnel to end up being the only person in the whole place not speaking Cantonese.

I promise I won't be blogging every stop on this journey, but if I run into something truly amazing (or horrible), I'll let you know.