Sunday, January 29, 2012

Scalpel's Scooter Saga

SPOILER: This is the my new scooter
How to sum up in a short blog post the long and depressing saga of my Genuine Blur scooter, and the happy ending that resulted in a new bike in our garage?

Flash back to August, 2010. I had accepted the cold hard fact that my beloved scooter, the Rattler, was just not fast enough for the commute I was asking it to endure. It was a great scooter, but I was asking too much of it, and needed to get something big enough to handle a fast commute way up Highway 99. Wanting to get something right away, I bought a 220cc Genuine Blur from Ducati Seattle. The Blur was fast, acceleration was awesome, and the handling was incredibly sporty. It was like a sports bike in a scooter package. I loved it.

Then the problems started...

Friday, January 6, 2012

The Wilkie Roll

If you happen to be at Blue C Sushi in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, stop in and ask for "The Wilkie Roll". It might not be on the menu, but as of now we have a sushi roll named after us.
If you're only feeling a little hungry, ask for The Zola Roll. Yep, we did that too.
The Wilkie Roll: Albacore tuna, cucumber and gobo root (Japanese mini-carrot) , topped with minced jalapeno tossed in mayonnaise, plus sesame seeds and spicy tuna sauce