Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Busy busy bike time

The Stella enjoying the sun at Cafe Racer
Bike stuff accomplished in the last month:
  1. Rode the Stella in the rain for the first time.
  2. Prepped the front fender on the SV for the new color, including adding a fender extension and smoothing the seam with bondo.
  3. Bent the body tabs back into shape using the heat gun and some hemostats, then patched the cracks with two-part epoxy.
  4. Wired up the new taillight/signals unit, including the use of proper fittings rather than the "twisted wire and tape" method of the last owner.
  5. Installed Galfer stainless steel brake lines on the front of the bike, flushed the old fluid, and bled the brakes.
  6. Installed the handlebar risers.
  7. Got started on installing the lowered foot pegs. This may be more of a pain than it looked at first glance...
  8. Helped Natalie get comfortable with taking off from a stop on the Bonneville, as well as how to react if the bike stalls or lugs.
 Not bad at all.