Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 4: Bend-Mt Shasta-Reno near-disaster

Let me begin by saying that we are both uninjured and that the bikes are fine. We are in Reno. Faint-hearted readers may wish to skip this entry.

Today we were on the road for 12+ hours. We began in Bend, went to Klamath Falls, took the wrong highway and ended up at Mount Shasta before heading all the way back east to Susanville and then Reno. The highway from Mt. Shasta to Susanville is gorgeous and empty and great riding and I would ride it again any day.
The trouble began when we left Susanville. It was dusk by this time, and deserts, while always windy, begin to howl at twilight. We were fighting terrible winds from all sides, and not constant of course.

I guess I should just say it: I brought the bike out of an 80-mph tank-slapper in front of a semi. And then continued riding for another hour to reach Reno.

We're taking an unscheduled rest day in Reno tomorrow. Both of us are in knots and I'm sure we'll be immobile tomorrow.

There's been some gorgeous riding on this trip. I just wish we could get through one non stressful/non terrifying day.


  1. I was sure that the bike was going down, and the fact that you saved it AND kept riding to Reno is a testament to your riding skills and emotional grit.

  2. I had a bad night on the middle of I-5 somewhere north of Bakersfield (back in the before time; in the long, long ago) and had to check into the first motel I saw. Sometimes you just gotta know when the wind is too damn much. Sounds like you pulled out of a really bad spot there. I'm seriously impressed.

  3. I'm actually going to want to ask about the Shasta to Susanville stretch when you guys get back, so try to keep it fresh in mind if you can. I have a book that I set right about there, but I've never actually been...glad you're making it through everything OK.