Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Video: The Mulholland Run

As promised, here's the first in series of videos I shot during the trip. It's my first attempt at filming and editing, so be gentle...


  1. N & J:
    Thanks for sharing! Love reading other people's posts regarding their adventures. You went a long way in a short time for sure. It was nice chatting with with you in the rest area on the final leg of your trip. Happy to see you made it home safely!

    Love your post regarding the strip club, " I came for the food , but stayed for the wallpaper"?

    Hope we didn't come off too friendly at the rest area. Sometimes afterward I think our natural exuberance can come off the wrong way. No, we are not cult members trying to recruit the unsuspecting. Unless you count a good winery!

  2. See us at:

  3. Not at all! Actually we felt a little like students after a parent-teacher conference, like "ok, the teachers like what we're doing and didn't throw up their hands in despair, we must be ok!" If anything, I wish we'd met you guys on the second day of the trip rather than the last, for some moral support when we were second-guessing ourselves a little!