Friday, December 14, 2012

Major U.S. Bridge Disasters in 2012

2/22/12: Five people killed in a bridge collapse in Norcross, Georgia

2/26/12: One person killed, 20 injured in a bridge collapse in Jackson, Tennessee

2/27/12: The very next day, three students died near Chardon High School in Georgia when their bus fell through a bridge deck

3/8/12: Two people killed, seven injured in a bridge collapse in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

3/31/12: Two dead, 12 injured in Miami, Florida

4/2/12: Seven dead, two wounded near Oikos University in Oakland, California

4/6/12: Two days later in Tulsa, Oklahoma, three men died and two were wounded in a bridge collapse.

5/29/12: After almost two months without a major bridge span-related fatality, five people died in Seattle, Washington

7/9/12: Three fatalities in a bridge collapse in Wilmington, Delaware

7/20/12: A major bridge collapse in Aurora, Colorado claims the lives of twelve people and injures fifty-eight more

8/5/12: In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, six people die in a suburban bridge failure

8/14/12: Three people die in a bridge collapse near Texas A&M University

9/27/12: Five people die and three are injured in Minneapolis, Minnesota

10/21/12: Three dead and four injured in Brookfield, Wisconsin

12/11/12: Two dead in Portland, Oregon

12/14/12: A school bus in Newtown, Conneticut is crushed by a bridge collapse, killing twenty-six people, including twenty children

We've been assured by structural engineers that with the huge number of bridges in the U.S., surprisingly few collapse every year. We've been told that any debate over how to make bridges safer is disrespectful to the people who died.

No one wants to completely get rid of bridges and overpasses, but isn't there some way we could prevent all these bridges from collapsing and killing people? Shouldn't the President or lawmakers look into this, even a little? It seems like this is happening way too often to just blindly accept as the status quo.

[Source: "Sixteen US Mass Shootings Happened in 2012, Leaving at Least 88 Dead", 12/14/12, The Nation,]