Saturday, April 26, 2014

Grand Tour 2014: Day 11 (London): the Science Museum

Today's location was the Science Museum, which I assumed was basically like PacSci or OMSI with a couple relics thrown in. While there is a wing that's like that, the other 2/3 is a museum of science and technology.

They have an overwhelming collection of artifacts on display, and they're all old and significant and the actual thing not just a model or recreation the actual holy fuck real thing:

We saw Babbage's Difference Engine, lancets used to create the first smallpox vaccine from cowpox boils, the first physical model of DNA, the AC motor built by Tesla and submitted with his patent request, a huge, functional steam engine, the actual mold culture from which penicillin was first developed, a piece of the Moon, James Watt's entire workshop, pieces of the transatlantic telegraph cables.

I was way past drooling to completely locked up. There's SO MUCH. Just whole cases of a thousand artifacts, and some of it's just slice of life, here's what sheep shears looked like, and right next to it is oh yeah here's the patent office's model that Tesla submitted with his patent application. And by the way we have two guys in white lab coats and oil cans operating a steam engine in the middle of the room, with a take-off wheel 20' in diameter just flying along. As you do.

I'm really glad that Rory knew we'd love it and insisted on taking us. It was SO DAMNED COOL.

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  1. I'm jealous you two. I hope you put on a slide show when you get home. I don't know if you're going to Scotland but if you do I want to suggest Edinburgh Castle, Stirling Castle, Bannockburn Field and the William Wallace Monument. The last 3 can be done in a day there close to each other. Also take a drive through the Highlands there beautiful. And the Edradour Distillery is awesome. It's the Smallest Distillery in Scotland. Lastly, and I don't remember exactly where this is, there is a Rob Roy museum that I thought was worth seeing. Just a few suggestions. I promise not to beat you up over not seeing them. =)