Monday, April 21, 2014

Grand Tour 2014, Day 2 (NYC)

17 April: Uptown, Shopping, Pastrami

Today sort of accidentally became a shopping day. We were going to try to hit the Empire State Building, but since a) apparently New Jersey takes spring break later than everyone else and b) Ford celebrated the Mustang's birthday by chopping one up and reassembling it on the ESB observation deck, the lines were round the block. Instead we had a bagel then went to Rockefeller Plaza for the Lego and NBC stores, the giant flower bunny juxtaposed vs the ice rink, and some actually-kinda-nice artsy easter eggs (the night sky geode was my favorite). After regaining feeling in our fingers (chilly day), we ventured into the Uniqlo showroom for some clothes shopping. Then in what's becoming tradition, we went downtown to the only restaurant we've ever repeated in NYC: Katz's. Had to have pastrami sandwiches, egg cremes, and a laugh at the people who hadn't learned The System.

And then we napped.

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