Monday, April 21, 2014

The Grand Tour 2014, Day 3 (NYC): March!

Got bagels and coffee. Headed down to the south docklands area to the "secret" half-price ticket office, which has a shorter (only 2 hours) line, a bathroom, and a playground, bought still-OMG-expensive tickets to a Broadway show. Then climbed uphill to the City Hall plaza, where we ate a kebab and watched street performers till the cops shut them down, turning it back into a lame boring empty plaza.

Next we walked all the way across the Brooklyn Bridge. All the way across! The pedestrian path is a wood platform above the vehicle lanes, between the suspension cables. Which are gorgeous (the cables, not the vehicle lanes. Those are crap.). It didn't seem all that far, though our feet disagreed.

As soon as we got across, we headed to the nearest subway station and rode back to Little Italy for a late lunch. (We're incapable of eating lunch before 3 on vacations, even when we get up early. We just don't get around to it or something.) Wandered through Chinatown (which is commingled with little Italy). New York's Chinatown is somehow more Chinese than most of Shanghai that I saw.

We hurried back to the hotel to change, then headed to Broadway! We saw "A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Romance", which is set in/based on a novel from 1907 England. It's about a newly-orphaned young man who discovers he's 9th in line to an Earldom, and the ungentlemanly tactics he uses to eliminate those eight people ahead of him in line. One actor plays all eight of his relatives, and he's HILARIOUS. Strongly recommended. They were doing a fundraiser for charity, so we got a photo with the two lead actors, and a signed poster.

When we stepped out into the street after, there were crowds lining both sides and cops keeping people behind barriers. Seems Chris O'Dowd and James Franco are doing the stage production of Mice and Men in the theater across the street, and everyone was waiting for them to leave from the stage door. Somewhere there's a photo of the top of my head and the back of James Franco's ;)

The evening topped off with "dinner" of dessert at Junior's Restaurant, where the dessert sizes may rival Claim Jumper (never been, but I've heard tales...). But despite being huge portions and in a major tourist area, the desserts were actually really good. I finished off an entire plate of strawberry shortcake because it was too good to leave behind.

When we got back to the hotel we learned there's a hot nightclub in the ballroom, and fought our way past a flock of 20somethings to give the high sign to the bouncer and be let in past the indignant kids (that's right, get off my lawn!). Somehow I'd managed to protect our signed poster through Broadway, Times Square, the subway, and the final "boss fight" of throngs of drunk girls in high heels on cobblestones holding cigarettes. Win!

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